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We know it is difficult to hit the ground running with new trading products. HaasOnline Academy is here to introduce you to several key concepts needed to kick-start your journey down the rabbit hole of crypto trading with HaasOnline.

You’ll learn how to navigate your way through our products from detailed courses and sharpen your trading acumen with articles, relevant terminology, useful technical indicators, and common candlestick patterns.


  • Coming Soon
    HaasScript Development II
    Increase your competency with HaasScript and learn some of the lesser known functionalities and features.
    Advanced 26 Lessons
  • Coming Soon
    HaasScript Fundamentals
    Learn the basics of developing, debugging, and deploying projects using HaasScript that have near limitless possibilities.
    Intermediate 48 Lessons
  • Coming Soon
    TradeServer Cloud Essentials
    Get familiar with navigating and using key features of our advanced automated trade bot platform.
    Beginner 19 Lessons
  • 137

    Is the number of terms in our growing glossary. Need to sharpen your crypto terminology?
  • HaasBot
    A crypto trade bot is often referred to as a HaasBotA crypto trade bot is often referred to as a HaasBot. As it was one of the first branded terms for strategy template on HaasOnline.... As it was one of the first branded terms for strategy template on HaasOnline TradeServer.
    Full definition
  • HODL
    A typo of ‘Hold’ originating from bitcointalk that has also been retrofitted to be an acronym for Hold on for Dear Life – to maintain ownership of coins and not sell.
    Full definition

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